What We are Famous For. Only The Best.

Our Signature Dishes are what we are famous for. Only the best. A dish has to be a little special and unique to receive the star rating on our menu. Behind the scenes we experiment with ingredients and techniques till we have found what we think is the winning formula. We source only the finest ingredients and when possible, local. When all that is done you have your say. If customers don’t ask for more then it’s back to the drawing board .

Signature Burgers.

Burgers are a serious business and there is no fooling around at O’Reilly’s Fish & Chips. For a start we use six ounces of 100% Irish fresh beef steakburgers from Heaney Meats’ in every burger. No cutting corners. Then we source only the finest ingredients from local artisan producers . You have to maintain standards. To top it all off every signature burger comes in a Walsh’s Bakehouse brioche bun.


The Life Of Reilly

Not all burgers are created equal. Some are, well a little special. The Life Of Reilly is one such burger. we use 6 ounces of 100% Irish Beef cooked to perfection. Then we top it with Feta cheese, Irish Bacon, Garlic Mayo, Iceberg Lettuce & Jalapenos. Like all our Burgers it comes in tasty Brioche Bun. It’s the burger that has it all.


west cork Reilly

From the stunning scenery to the finest food , West Cork is the gift that keeps giving. We paired up our 6oz Burger with the famous Clonakilty Blackpudding to create the West Cork Reilly. We added Mayo, Onions, Irish Cheddar Cheese, Ketchup, Iceberg Lettuce and put it all in a Brioche Bun. It's the burger from the west.


spicey reilly

Our customers asked for a hot burger and we rose to the challenge. We start off with 6 ounces of 100% Irish beef . We import Marie Sharps Hot Habanero sauce from Belize. Then we add Jalapenos and Spicey Mayo. Just to cool it down a little we throw in Iceberg lettuce & Onions. It’s served it in a Brioche Bun. Customers say That’s Spicey.


For a healthier option we have our selection of signature wraps. A favourite with our customers and worthy recipients of the signature star. They feature special guest ingredients such as Clonakilty Blackpudding and O'Reilly's secret marinade. For that authentic taste they all come in a Tortilla Wrap.


The dicey reilly

For our first foray into wraps we came out all guns blazing. We decided to use the famous Clonakilty Blackpudding and 100% Irish Taco Beef with a handful of fresh cut chips. Then we added Iceberg lettuce. Grated Irish Cheddar Cheese. Taco Sauce.& Spices. An O’Reilly’s Fish & Chips favourite, our customers just ask for a Dicey.


The rebel reilly

When it came to our Chicken wrap we went that extra yard. We couldn’t find a marinade good enough to do it justice so we made our own. O’Reilly’s Secret marinade contains, we could tell you but! A handful of Fresh Cut Chips, Peppers, Iceberg Lettuce, Tomatoes. Mayo & Sweet Chili Sauce in a Tortilla Wrap. It’s Chicken with attitude.


The wednesday wrap special

There is a real battle raging here at O’Reilly’s Fish & Chips as to who can claim the crown of top Signature Wrap. Some say it’s the Dicey Reilly while others swear blind by the Rebel Reilly. We’ve decided to settle it once and for all and put them head to head.

SIGNATURE Fresh Cut chips

Some establishments we won’t mention like to serve fries or even worse shoestring fries. Not O’Reilly’s Fish & Chips. We are a real chipper with real chips. For a Chip Dish to make the grade as a signature dish it’s has to be something very special indeed. To date, no pun intended, only one has made the cut !


Poutine Reilly

“Ça va faire une maudite poutine” That’s going to make a terrible mess. So said the inventor of poutine. Poutine Reilly is inspired by Canadian Poutine a traditional dish from Quebec. We have added our own twist and serve it with Toons Bridge Buffalo Mozzarella, French Canadian Gravy and Fresh Cut Chips. It might make a terrible mess but what it also makes is one seriously tasty dish


Just as tasty

Not every dish can get the star symbol that makes it a Signature Dish. To date only one Chip dish has made the cut. We see Chips as the backbone of any chipper. If you don’t get them right then everything is wrong. Some establishments serve fries but O’Reilly’s Fish & Chips is a real chipper so we serve real Fresh Cut Chips. To see our full offerings check out our Menu.


The thursday special

There is never a bad time to try out the Pountine Reilly but Thursday is an especially good day. As part of our specials Thursday is all about choice. You get 2 of our 3 oz Cheese Burgers but the dilemma is will you choose 2 Poutine Reillys or 2 Taco Chips. Well you could also mix and match. Now what drinks to choose. It could be a long day.


The Little things that make a big difference

always fresh

The key to all our food is the fresh ingredients. You can use as much tricks and sauces but if the food isn’t fresh and of a premium quality, well the results will speak for themselves. That is why we go to great lengths to make sure all our dishes are Always Fresh.

Special Guest Ingredients

We are lucky to have the finest suppliers in the country such as Clonakilty Blackpudding, Toons Bridge Dairy, Heaney Meats and Walsh’s Bakehouse. We also source and make ingredients like Marie Sharps and O’Reilly’s Secret Marinade that make our dishes authentic and unique .

The Packaging

We are by no means saying O”Reilly’s Fish & Chips is a green business but we do try make an effort where possible. We cook to order and are very strict on food wastage. To ensure we are doing our bit all our offerings come in compostable packing.